The Counsellor

-I am a BACP Registered Counsellor (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and I am bound by their codes of ethics and practice, as well as subject to its complaints procedure.

-I am committed to providing you with a safe therapeutic environment.

-I work using an integrated model of counselling. Integrative counselling is a combined approach to counselling that brings together different elements of specific therapies.

-I may use various techniques like relaxation and mindfulness, as well as give you homework to help you with your coping strategies.

Confidentiality and Data

-The content of the sessions are confidential between counsellor and client, however I will need to discuss your case with my supervisor and in peer supervision. This is done so that I can reflect on my own work and offer you the best therapeutic care possible.

-On the very rare occasion, if there is any need to communicate with other professionals, I will do so with your permission.

– At the end of each session I make brief notes. They are all coded and stored online. They will only be seen by me throughout our therapy together and after our sessions have ended they will be kept for 5 years and will then be destroyed. I work in line with the ICO (Information Commissions Office) guidelines.

-Your contract form, containing your contact details is stored in the filing cabinet and only I have access to the cabinet.

-Your email address will automatically be added to my newsletter, but you are able to unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe button.

-Your emergency contact will only be contacted in an emergency if taken place during the session
-Any data about you will not be shared with anyone else unless;
– you cause serious harm to yourself or others.
– you are in the event of a breach of national security
-if I am asked by the UK Court of Law
In each of these cases you will be informed in every step of the way and I will try and support you in the best way that I can.

-In the event I become critically ill my husband has the permission to contact clients for appointment cancellations.

Session and Fees

-All sessions will be 1 hour long at an agreed time and place by counsellor and client.

-The cost of each session will be £40 for individual, £60 for couples therapy per hour unless a concessionary fee has been applied, which will be £25 for individual and £50 for couples.

-Concessionary fees will only apply if mentioned in the assessment period and spaces are available.

-All payments are to be made at the end of each session or in advance if taking telephone or having online sessions.

-I will require 24hrs notice if you wish to cancel, if 24hrs is not given then the cost of the session is payable by you.

-If I am unable to conduct your session due to illness or an emergency, I will give you plenty of notice and will offer you an alternative time that is suitable to you.

-I will not see you if you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

-The contract will be reviewed annually and you will be informed of any changes.