Are you struggling to find love?

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Finding a meaningful relationship is usually on the top of most people’s list. Despite many people’s efforts into trying to find their true love and the millions of services available to help them, there are millions of people that are still struggling to find their true love. In fact in the UK 51% of people are single. It could be that the following roadblocks may be standing in your way to finding your love. It is worth looking at these roadblocks and worth working on you and getting yourself back out there.

1 Practical VS Superficial
When looking for your love it is important to focus on shared goals, such as a desire to have a family or what you want in the future. The shared goals and views will help you to grow as a couple and will bring you together. If you only concentrate on the superficial qualities such as the hair colour, eyes etc, these can change over time and don’t necessarily bring the individuals together in the long run.

2 Are you ready?
Are you ready to be in love? It’s not just about giving up your freedom or independence. Readiness is also about living a fulfilled life right now as a single person, it’s about wanting a partner not needing one. Being ready means being ok with your life as it is right now as well as being ready for looking for a partner.

3 Are your boundaries healthy?
Often we hear that love has no boundaries and many people fall in love with this illusion unfortunately this is not the case. It is important for you to maintain a sense of yourself in your relationship and without boundaries in place you can lose yourself where you can forget who and what you are about.
Boundaries can help you to maintain a sense of self. They let others know where they stand with you and what is expected of them.

4 Are you sticking to the checklist
This one is simple. Do you have a list of qualities when looking for a partner? Although it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you’re looking for when your looking for the one you love, most long term couples admit that they rarely end up with who they imagined they would end up with. So instead of going in with your checklist sometimes it is best to forgo the less important things on the checklist and go with your shared values, interest and beliefs.

5 Are you giving yourself, Self love
If you want someone to love you, you have to first learn to love yourself. Self love is about knowing what you deserve and going for it without feeling guilty. When you love yourself and see yourself as worthy that’s when you will stop sabotaging finding your true love.

6 Are you trying to keep everyone happy
Are you dating people that you think your family and friends will be happy with but you won’t be happy with. It is important that you put your own values and opinions about who you should be with above those of others and of society. At the end of the day you are going to be the one who ends up spending your whole life with them not your family or friends.

7 Is your comfort zone too comfortable
As people sometimes we can become complacent and we can then get stuck in a rut and unable to move forwards. When you break out of your comfort zone and go in to your uncomfort zone then that is when you can manage change, but this can take time, patience and hard word.

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