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 Many people come to see a counsellor for various reasons. Some will come to counselling to gain some clarity on a situation they are going through, some may want to change their current lifestyle or some might want to see a counsellor due to recent events where they feel stuck and are unable to/or don’t want to get help and support from their family and friends.

Be U Counselling, Poole, Dorset, Bournemouth

Whatever the reason, counselling is a safe and comfortable environment where time is set aside for you to talk about the issues that you are struggling with. Your counsellor will explore with you, your problems and will work with you towards self improvement and self development.

Your counsellor will generally not offer you advice or direct you as to what you should do, instead they will help you to clarify your experiences, situations and the different options open to you. Whatever is explored in your counselling sessions will be decided by you, giving you complete control and power over your own life.

Depending on how your issue is affecting you, counselling will involve you talking about your life events from the past, present and furture and how they shape your current situation. It may include exploring your emotions, relationships and patterns of thinking and behaving. By being open and honest, it can give you a clear idea about the external factors in your life, your patterns, your thoughts and behaviours, so you can then change them to suit the life you desire.

Counselling can help you to understand your self and your situation more clearly, perhaps from new and surprising perspectives that you will learn during your counselling sessions. It can help you to develop your own strengths and inner resources so you can master your own life. Counselling takes time and will require a lot of hard work and is not a quick fix.

Be U Counselling Service, based in Poole, Dorset offers a FREE no obligation 30 minutes session, which you can use to discuss whether counselling is right for you and whether we can work in a therapeutic relationship. The 30 minutes is a good starting point if you have never had counselling before to get a feel for what counselling might be like.

I Offer Counselling in :

Anxiety |  Bereavement |  Cancer Career Issues | Carer Support  | Dementia | Depression | Identity | Low Self Worth Relationships Spirituality | Stress