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A Person with an eating disorder may focus on their weight and shape leading them to make unhealthy choices about food with damaging results to their health. Eating disorders can be very complex  and can affect individuals emotionally, physically and socially.

Food plays a very important part in our lives and it is normal for our relationship with food to change from time to time, however this is very different with eating disorders as the changes can be quite extreme.

There are many types of eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia and anorexia and anyone can develop a eating disorder regardless of age, gender or ethnic origin. Although eating disorders can be very serious, the good news is, is that they can be treated. Down below I have listed a few eating disorders with some information so that you can distinguish them from each other.

This can cause a person to feel overweight even though they present themselves as under weight. The desire to lose weight is so high that it can lead the individual to skip their meals, starve themselves or exercise excessively.

This can cause a complete loss of relationship with food and it can cause the individual to binge eat whether they are hungry or not and then purge through vomiting, exercising or even with use of laxatives.

Binge Eating
This can cause the individual to experience a loss of control and can cause the person to overeat regularly. Here a person may rely on food for emotional use or as a way to hide their feelings. This can affect both affect men and women of all different ages.

Unfortunately the world currently dictates that we should be able to control our relationship with food, so this can leave someone struggling with an eating disorder where they may be feeling ashamed or embarrassed when talking about their relationship to food and can in turn leave them feeling disappointed with themselves causing a lack of self worth.

Be U Counselling Service based in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset area can provide you with tools needed to make the necessary lifelong changes that can help rebuild your mind and body to restructure a healthy life style. It can help you to explore your relationship with food and help you to find ways in which you can fight the fear that you may have relation to food.