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I thought about writing this blog at the end of last year and then at the beginning of the year and at both times it didn’t sit right with me. Why you might ask? Well because during the festive period we are all so excited that we normally make great plans and promises to ourselves which we never really keep more than two weeks not the year. If we’re lucky and really really really committed to losing weight, being more organised, getting in more exercise , being in touch with family or whatever we have promised ourselves it may last till the end of the month or even two. So now I’m writing this blog to help you achieve your achievable goals for the year.

1. Celebrate your achievements /happy memories.
If your reading this I want you to get an empty jar, a fairly big on. Every week, in this jar I want you to put at least one post it note with a happy memory or an achievement that you have achieved that week. Over the course of the year, you will start to build up a collection of fantastic memories and achievements that you can celebrate any time within the year and if at anytime you feel like the year is not going your way, you can pull out the jar and read the little notes to help give you the boost that you may need.

2. Be Kind To Yourself
Throughout the year it is important to be kind to yourself. Learn to be compassionate towards yourself and learn to forgive yourself if you make a mistake. Mistakes are how we learn and how we develop and grow and focus on the comments that you make about to your self and ask yourself if you would say that about a friend or someone you care about.

3. Give Yourself To Implement Change
Any change that you want to make is going to take time. It takes appropriately 12 weeks to break a habit and for 21 days to form a new habit, so you need to give yourself time to implement any change that you may want to make in the year.

4. Plan happy!
Schedule in happy things throughout the year. Things that that you can look forward to. Put down a deposit on a holiday or a festival. Organise a couple of weekends where you will be doing something with your friends to look forward to in the year ahead.

5. Learn To Accept
Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times and good times if you are going through a hard time at the moment understand that it will not last forever and that it is brought in to yours life for a reason, whether it be to teach you something or to help you accept something or to help you appreciate life itself. Remember nothing lasts forever. Focus on what is happening. Learn from what is happening and remind yourself that good times are coming.

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