Identity Counselling

Do you feel that you have lost yourself?

Do you feel that you have changed as a person and need to reconnect with yourself?

Have you had a life-changing event that has made you question who you are?

Identity is how we define ourselves and the role we play in our society, family, and friends. Your identity includes your hobbies, interest, and hopes for the future, and this can change as our situations and circumstances change. The change can then make us challenge our beliefs.

A person with a sense of identity will act differently in different situations and with different people. For example, the way you act around your friends will be different from how you act around your partner, but they will still feel like the same person underneath.

A person without a sense of identity can feel disconnected from themselves and may feel like a different person today. Not having an identity means that your behaviors will change with the circumstances and situations. For example, if you are in a relationship, you might find you change your likes and dislikes according to whomever you’re in the relationship with at the time. In other words, if you don’t have an identity, you will mold to your environment rather than have your environment mold to you.

Not being sure of your identity can mean that you end up living a life that comes your way rather than living a life that you want. It can result in living life how you think other people may want you to live it, which in turn could end up leaving you unhappy and feeling unfulfilled. Sometimes it is racial identity counselling, gender identity counselling, cultural identity counselling, or professional identity counselling that is required to spot out where your identity crisis is rooted and then resolve the problem from deep under.

The truth is that this is your life. It should be lived how you want to live it, and you should be doing things that you want to be doing. Finding yourself, your likes, and your dislikes is important to maintain your overall happiness and fulfillment.

Be U Identity Counselling Service in Poole, Bournemouth, and Dorset can provide you with a safe, non-judgemental space where you can explore different areas of your life, your likes, and dislikes, so you can start to develop a sense of your identity. Together we can uncover your inner self so that you can directly conform to what you represent. We will look at examples from your life, look at your current self, and try to work out where you want to be. Using various handouts and goal-setting skills, we aim to deliver a counselling service with which you are comfortable and happy with.